View Full Version : FL Gathering change of plans

08-12-2006, 17:57
Ok ya'll.
Only change is to Juniper instead of Alexander. Juniper is just north of Alex up on 40 west of 19. I called a friend of mine for a totally different reason, and he mentioned a biker gathering at Alex for the same week. I dont care about bikers, I just dont wanna listen to pipe music all day. So if its the same to everyone else, lets go to Juniper.

08-12-2006, 20:37
Is it the same weekend? Are they going to be in C Loop? Somehow, I don't see bikers renting a canoe. The word's been spread around here. Did you call Alexander Springs to confirm that the bikers would be there? I have a feeling that there are going to be people standing around Alex C Loop, wondering where the hikers are. My dad is part of the HOG chapter here. They organize these trips all the time, and no one shows up. Most of the time they are cancelled, and sometimes 2-3 people show up.

If everyone wants to go to Juniper, we'll go, but my .02 is to stay at Alexander.

08-13-2006, 15:29
Hey Be sure to post any changes .I have a few friends in Fl that are planning on making it but I told them Alexander Springs C-Loop.

08-13-2006, 22:43
Just got back tonite from a little hiking on the FNST.

Up to you all, we can stay at Alex, no problem for me. I have been in the forest during biker gatherings before ( they just love 19 ). I can call Alex tommorow, to see if they have anything. My buddy I talked to is a member of the Outlaws, and he is pretty sure there will be a gathering at the Cabbage Patch that weekend for "awards?". If ya all wanna leave it as C loop at Alex, thats good for me.