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08-13-2006, 22:07
I would like to contact any Dallas Texas area AT past thru hikers or any that may plan to hike in 2007. I plan to start in March 2007 and would appreciate any information I can get. I would love to talk to any one in this area either via email or telephone concerning the hike and gear that works best.

Any that are planning to hike in 2007 I would love to find out when you plan to start and what gear you have decided to take.

I will be 71 years old when I start so I would diffently like to talk to older hikers, but any age is fine I am not to old to learn from the young.

AKA Cherokee Tom

08-14-2006, 10:15
Are you planning an online journal? Maybe on trailjournals.com? I'd love to follow along!

08-14-2006, 20:21
I'm coming up on 60, out of Austin, thruhiking 2nd time in 2007. Lots of Texans thruhike.

08-14-2006, 23:59
I grew up in Richardson, and will be back there at the end of Sept. if you would like to meet. You can get a lot of info here on WB from older hikers all over!:) I'm still a young boy but have heard stories about the trail that I can share. :)

Mountain Dew
08-16-2006, 21:46
I thru-hiked in 2003 and would be glad to assist you in your planning. Just send me an email and I'll get in touch with you.

Mountain Dew
08-16-2006, 21:47
oops..forgot to add that I live just outside of Dallas so I'd also be available to help you in person. take care...

Jack Tarlin
08-19-2006, 16:39

I hiked a great deal with Dew in 2003 and also at other times.

His knowledge, experience, and common sense would be a great help in your planning and preparation.

And there probably aren't half a dozen people on the planet who know more about long-distance backpacking than Nean.

Best of luck with your planning.

Also, if you contact ALDHA (www.aldha.org) they keep a state-by-state registry of former long-distance hikers, including dozens of Texas residents, who would be happy to help you with questions or problems. Chances are good there are quite a few who live close to you.

08-20-2006, 01:24
Hey Jack,

It is good to hear from you again. I have not talked with you for some time. I hope my health is good enough to let me do teh AT this time.

I want to once more thank you very much for all the information you have provided on various nets. I try to find all of it and read it over and over.

Hope to see you out on th e trail one day. I will continue to stay in contact with Mountain Dew and hope to meet him face to face one day soon.

Thanks again Jack.


texas jack
08-20-2006, 13:16
Well, You`re already talking to folks who can answer any question you might have..
I`ve hiked a bit also (Howdy,Jack,you too Dew)
There are a substantial number of older folks who set out to hike some (or all) of the Trail. It can be done.. I was pretty slow.. but synthetic saved my life at least once
am at [email protected] I might hike again in `07 have gained back ALL the weight I lost in`03...rats...rats....rats

12-01-2006, 12:31
Tom, I would like to meet you and to hike with You but I will head north on March 19th but won't catch you as I am not speeding but taking my time. I am 9 yrs younger than you but probably no faster. Max/Sandalwood.

Okie Dokie
12-01-2006, 22:05
Tomman, I'm not in TX, but just north in OK...would be glad to meet you or help you in any way...I realize you have already been offered plenty of help from backpackers close to you....I'll be in TX in Feb, attending the American Camp Association National Conference in Austin (I'm a youth camp director)...let me know if I can help? Anyone can hike the AT, so don't worry....just hike your hike at your pace and you'll have the time of your life! Best Wishes

johnny quest
12-11-2006, 14:58
im just southwest of dallas in dublin texas. im planning on an 08 hike. i would love to go on any prep hikes...if i can get off to do it. i can recommend the caprock canyon trail for a prephike

12-11-2006, 17:59
Hey Tom -

I live out by DFW. I sent you my phone by pm.

If you want to try your legs in a few hills the Ouachita Trail is just up the road. The Oklahoma end is a nice drive up through Paris, Texas. It does not have the elevation of the AT but the climbs are more like the AT than you will see elsewhere in Texas. The forest is Mixed Eastern Hardwood and feels much like Georgia, except in August.

Here is a link: http://www.friendsot.org/

They carry Tim Ernst's book on the trail at the REI on 635. Make sure you get the latest edition. There is a lodge, run by the State of Arkansas near the Okalahoma border that would be a good base camp if you wanted to day hike.

Black bears are an issue, even in some small towns, so deal with your food accordingly. It is hunting season up there so you will need some orange stuff but this is also their best hiking season.

Cedar Hill State Park will give you a work-out if you want to stay closer to home.

Congratulations on a decision to go!

Jim Sproul

01-08-2007, 01:27
I'm a 49 yr old who had surgery for colon cancer in August '06 and I'm planning on leaving NOBO from Springer on March 15, 2007. I'm living in Austin and will probably Greyhound it to Gainesville, GA for my start. I'm a non-smoker, non-drinker, non-druggie, yet still quite a fun guy so if anyone would like to carpool etc I would be up for that. Compared to Greyhound could it be worse? :-)
Have a great hike all,

01-18-2007, 18:08
Hey, Im a thin blooded Texan from Colleyville. I started on jan 14 2007. My advice: carry extra warm stuff.......This aint Dallas!

01-19-2007, 10:41
Hey, Im a thin blooded Texan from Colleyville. I started on jan 14 2007. My advice: carry extra warm stuff.......This aint Dallas!

shoot....you left and it Iced over here!

You have a trailjournal.com going? Would love to follow along!

01-19-2007, 14:21
I am currently about as far away from Texas as possible, but will be in Plano visiting until I depart from Springer on March 12. This is my second go at a thru and I am 7 years younger than you. Hope to see you on the trail.

01-20-2007, 13:41
Downtown Dallas here... hoping the stars will align in time for me to go in '07.

johnny quest
01-21-2007, 22:37
hey. there is a 2006 thru hiker speaking at the dallas rei on january 30. im going!!!