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04-07-2003, 15:53
I was trying to waste some time this morning before sitting down to work (finding photon batteries) and so took some time to read part of the new Companion. Updated information on the Smokys was nice, including some history. Well done, ALDHA.

I also noticed that Miss Janet's House is officially listed in the 03 Companion, which it wasn't in 02. More suprisingly (or not), Uncle Johnny got himself delisted. It isn't like hikers can miss it, but I'm sure he will take a hit in business as a result. I suppose the reports of his mistreatment of some hikers convinced ALDHA not to list him in their book any longer. Then again, being in the Companion shouldn't be taken as a recommendation, so why not include all information and let the hikers decide for themselves? I had a great time at Johnny's last May (although Johnny wasn't around). I wonder if he will be able to get relisted in the future.