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08-23-2006, 21:06
Hello! My wife (Pacecar) and I attempted a thru-hike this year and came up short. Anyway, we met a good number of people out there and really enjoyed the experience. I've got a personal website with our photo/video collection: http://www.ellishiking.com. I'd like to ask a favor of all completed or attempted thru-hikers from this year. We'd like to get a collection of summit photos from 2006. Springer and/or Katahdin pictures with you by the sign/blaze/summit. If it is digital that would be the best (obviously) but if you only have a hard copy, I'd take that too!! I'm planning on building an album of these photos on the site. Send me a private message or email if you'd be willing to share your photos! THANKS!

map man
08-23-2006, 22:03
Dadgum and Pacecar, I want you to know how much I've enjoyed following your hike this year at your website. The website is beautifully done, and the two of you, as well as the people you wrote about, really came to life for me through your journal entries and photos. One thing I was struck by as I followed along was how supportive your families and friends were of your hike from start to finish -- a very kind-hearted bunch, was the impression I got.

Now, Dadgum, one thing I hesitate to bring up, though I will anyway, were the clothing items you wore on the trail this year. The bright green shorts paired with the bright orange short-sleeve shirt worn over the top of what appeared to be a dark green and grey striped long-sleeve shirt, plus the gaiters weighted down with the multitude of AT-related sewn on patches you picked up along the way. It was definitely one of the most... uh... er... um... unorthodox (yeah, that's the word) get-ups I've ever seen. I think you're going to want to preserve that stuff for the ages.

But all kidding aside, thank you to the two of you for sharing your walk.

08-23-2006, 23:46
Miss You Two. Trouble. I Will Send You Some Pic's When I Can.the Early Day's Of My Hike Are Full Of Special Memories.we(all Of Us)were Just Getting Acclimated.still Miss Real Bear Cables!!!!!!!!!!!!e-mail Me.

08-24-2006, 15:57
i left ammaccalola feb 18th and 67 days later was in pearisburg where i woosed out like a poo poo pooper.could we have met?

09-14-2006, 11:45
hay guys,
we only me a couple of times. but i'll send you a photo of me. hope you got off the trail on good terms

~Greg (Sage)

09-18-2006, 22:32
i left ammaccalola feb 18th and 67 days later was in pearisburg where i woosed out like a poo poo pooper.could we have met?

I started on Feb. 19. Where did you spend the night on the 19th? I was at Hawk Mtn.