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08-25-2006, 18:24
I am now in Rawlins, WY. About 1/2 way done with
this trip. Hard to believe!
Made it through the Great Divide Basin. The basin is
where the water falls and does not go to The Atlantic
or the Pacific. Simply stays in this wide open area
between the mountains. Of course, little rain falls in
the basin. The terrain is flat, hot and exposed.
The walking is mainly on jeep roads with little elev
gain or loss. What made this stretch so enjoyable
was that I have caught up to some other southbounders
and was able to hike with them through the desert.
Desert hiking is striking...but can be a bit like
walking on a treadmill. I now think I know every
nuance of sagebrush! Hiking with people
certainly made the day go easier.
What was in the "way cool" category was seeing herds
of wild horses in the desert. Simply majestic.
The horses are not native to this area, but they
certainly seem to belong. Hoping my pics came out!
Had yet more trail magic. A few hikers who made it
town earlier in the morning had a friend meeting them
in town. The other hikers knew some
of us were still on the road walk (rt 287) . LOng
story short....I had doughnuts and juice for breakfast
walking into town yesterday. Taking a day-off
otherwise I will be going a tad too fast for meeting up with people in the Indian Peaks. I'm spending a few days in Boulder seeing some friends...and eating at a favorite AYCE Indian place!!!!!
Wyoming has been a "social state" for me. Eight of us in town sharing two rooms! Has been a nice change of pace. Saw the kinds words about my take on solo hiking (thanks Yogi, Jonatahan and Sam!). I suspect will again be a CDT "lone ranger" for Colorado. :D
As I said before: The CDT has been intense, frustrasting and difficult at times. It also has been majestic, beautiful and perhaps my favorite of the three trails so far (I live in the Rockies afterall!)

A little more desert...then cross into Colorado in
three days or so!!!

Embracing the brutality***,


*** (R) D-low, CDT 2005

08-25-2006, 20:34
Keep rollin Mags, you'r amazing! I'm sittin here in Anaconda, lookin at the most direct routes north for damn sure! Hell at this rate, you could finish southbound before I'm done north! Heck you might be done before the gathering!!!! Keep truckin brotha!

09-07-2006, 12:37
Awesome Blister..making good progress!!!!! I honestly don't hike fast. I am a pack mule...loadme up and I go all day. Friends always did say I am a bit of jackass at times. :D

Anyway. here I am feeling like something out of a
avantge garde movie.... I am home..but on the "trail".

Hiked out yesterday over the eastern side of the
divide to a trailhead where I have done many hikes,
x-country ski trips, snow shoes and various hot
chocolate and/or wine accompanied activities.

Eight of my friends met me at the 4th of July
trailhead with a grill, salad, a six pack of Fat Tire
and STEAK!!!!! Mmmm... Speedo (Matti) and Skittles
also were able to join in the festivities. They have
friends in Boulder as well. Glad I could help them out
in a small way.

Feels weird to be back in town. Subtle differences....

Already was treated out to breakfast..had TWO offfers
for lunch today (one from an ex-girlfriend..and one
from a woman I find rather cute.. Must be the
pirate-like beard :D). Tomorrow I hit an AYCE Indian
place I love.

YEs..a very food oriented post. But I am a thru-hiker
who comes from a cultural background that loves to eat
in the first place. :D

In all seriousness, enjoying seeing my friends..AND

Saturday? Back on the trail!

the goat
09-07-2006, 14:34
nice mags! glad to hear that all's well, keep on truckin'!

and we all know chicks dig pirate beards, isn't that why we hike in the first place?:D