View Full Version : stove questions

08-26-2006, 15:07
does anyone have any real- field expierience with the trangia T-28 mini..I like the fact it comes with a .9 liter pot and fry-lid...but I also like ROCKS-ION design.would it be feasible to assume that components from both sets could be used ?...even carrying both setups ?? feed back please:-?

Earl Grey
08-26-2006, 20:49
You could carry both set ups. Im still decidiing exactly what im gonna do but I do know I want an alcohol stove. I dont see why you couldnt use a pot from one design to another though.

SGT Rock
08-27-2006, 01:19
The Tranigia is a good stove system and it is all designed to fit together and nest for space saving. But if you tried to use my stove with the Trangia winscreen/pot support most likely you would not get the same performance that my stove normally has since the burner to pot distance is going to be different.