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08-27-2006, 02:22
here is my pack list for my upcoming hike. it should start october 9th, going from springer to??? I am going to near ashville NC to visit family, to be there around and for thanksgiving and then , if all is well, continue on till???? I am not sure..maybe to katahdin:-? I know I wont be allowed to summit but thats o.k ..at that time either turn around and walk back:eek:. OR go home and get ready for my originally planned march thru-hike..anyway heres my gear tell me what ya'll think .(PACK) mountainsmith maverick 3930c.i__ 4lbs.3oz. (COVER) 5oz. (TREK POLES)24oz (HEAD LAMP) tikka petzel 3oz (BAG)slumberjack baffin 20' 600+ fill down mummy 2lbs.10oz (BAG LINER)campmor micro fleece 21oz (SLEEP PAD)them- o- rest ridgerest regular 14oz (TENT)kelty crestone1. 3lbs... medium weight terramar silk body sensor base layer long sleeve and bottom 14oz. polar tec 200 fleece zip jacket 14oz/fleece pants 13oz.. a silk balaclava, a fleece balaclava, silk glove liners, heavy fleece and nylon glove @ 14 oz total...3 pair of wigwam ingenius hiker socks 8ozs/ 1pair fleece socks 6oz..and pac tech waterproof/breathable jacket and pants @32oz total and a walls blizzard proof coat @24oz (cotton shell):mad:. mykitchen I am not set on yet.thinking of a alcohol setup and a sierra zip ..should be around another 2 lbs with pot and extras..that totals me out roughly around 22lbs without food or water add in another 1.5lbs for misc.. "camera,paper,pens..another1.5lbs for hygene items razor,tooth brush,brush etc.. still just 25lbs b4 food and water. and I rounded high so I will be even lighter..but my goal is 35lbs tops and would like less..tell me what you think..I am open to suggestions ..thanx

08-27-2006, 09:09
I would look at the silk liner and go with the alcohol stove, maybe a warmer sleeping bag for the winter.. Pretty ambitious...

08-27-2006, 09:44
hopeful, what did you meen by look at the silk liner? and do you really think I should go with a heavier bag ?then a 20 degree down, with a fleece lined bag"says it raises bag by 11+ but I am thinking proubly 5-8 and with wearing a fleece top and bottom with fleece socks and either balaclava to sleep in. I should be good down to 10 I would hope even lower..I had thought of a 10' or even a zero.. but almost everyone said that was overkill..o'well thats why I ask for help..more input needed.come on thru hikers help me out..:-? only 1 reply:eek:

08-27-2006, 17:13
Silk liners can be good up to nine degrees, only weigh 5 oz. Also I would go with an insulated air mattress like the Big Agnes or the Pacific insulmat. If you have the money go with an 800 fill down bag.. I have only hiked during the main season March to Oct... It got pretty cold in Ga and in ME in March and beginning of October... I used a down sweater too to wear at night. I used the Back country blanket by Nunatak and the BA mattress and a silk liner.. It was sufficient. One thing is I am not sure a lot of the hostels will be open during the winter... I would check to see if anyone will take you in anyway.... Could be a lifesaver you know, a hot shower, a dryer, resupply....

08-27-2006, 18:23
[quote=Donjuan70mykitchen I am not set on yet.thinking of a alcohol setup and a sierra zip .[/quote]

You could also consider a white gas stove for the winter.. They are very hot, a good characteristic for cold weather hiking.


TJ aka Teej
08-27-2006, 18:29
I have that pack - roomy! See if you can get by without the removable top pocket.

08-29-2006, 07:59
I would consider some thing other than an alcohol sotve for cold weater. There are canister sotves with cold weather mix and White gas. You need to know to can get heat in the winter.

Also look at a different jacket than a cotton shell. The worst scenario is a cold soaking rain and plunging temperatures followed by a freezing night.

It is really hard to dry stuff out in cold weather and taking it into your bag is not an option because you bag will start to hold the moisture.

I think I would put the extra wieght into my sleeping bag and get a warmer bag. When you are moving you will not feel cold. You may need to stay dry on the days I described above.

When you stop get into shelter and get in your bag.

08-29-2006, 22:29
I think you'll be ok with the 20 deg bag for a while. Perhaps later in the winter, you will want more. Just remember the little trick about putting hot or boiling water in your one litre water bottle and wrapping it with a sock in case of emergency cold/wet weather. could save you.
i agree about not liking that cotton shell. not a good idea in the cold/wet you are going to experience.
Remember, you are going to spend a lot of time in darkness (winter) which usually means lots of time in the bag.
most all of your stuff seems a bit heavy to me (liner, pack, tent, etc) but i realize that the really lightweight gear can get expensive.
since you're using hiking sticks, you may want to add a waterproof shell for those gloves.
Another thing i'd do: predrill holes in the bottoms of your shoes and carry pan head sheet metal screws to screw into them in case you get very icy terrain that you can't get up. Small weight which can really help in those conditions. (about 6 per shoe)
have fun, the winter can be a great time to be on the AT.

08-29-2006, 22:35
are also awesome for people using top and bottom quilts in hammocks....sooner or later you will turn and turn the quilt with you, the liner prevents the sudden onslaught of cold air hitting skin....