View Full Version : Last minute delays... HELP ! Please !

04-09-2003, 14:21

Alot of circumstances caused my to push back my planned March 23, start and finish up multiple projects around here, reduce my budget etc... Its been quite insane the last 2 weeks BUT my gear is complete, hopefully enough money in the bank and most arrangements are made to leave this weekend. I'd planned on leaving Friday by bus but another problem has come up at this point and I'll likely be leaving Sunday by plane.

Is there a place in Gainsville or closer to the trail that will hold a package of items I can't fly with ?

Lone Wolf
04-09-2003, 14:42
The visitors center at Amicalola St. Park will hold packages for hikers. Look in Wingfoot book or Companion for info.

04-09-2003, 14:45
I'll check it out !

Other suggestions are most welcome however.

04-13-2003, 11:07
Just an update for anyone interested.

I haven't seen the 2003 version of WF's book but the 2002 version is just a little incorrect about shipping items to Amicalola Falls. (I will point out that Lonewolf was correct). Amicalola Falls will hold packages at the visitor center however WF states that the Lodge will hold packages as well, that part is incorrect, I was told that all packages end up at the visitor's center regardless of how they are addressed within the park.

Well, its Sunday and I'm still in Houston but I have a plane ticket to Atlanta on Tuesday !

steve hiker
04-13-2003, 17:10
Enjoy your thru hike! And watch those city slickers in Atlanta they lie in wait looking for naiive hikers.

04-24-2003, 15:10
Well I survived Atlanta and I'm staying at the Blueberry Patch tonight, thanks for all the advice guys, its really paying off out here !