View Full Version : Hammock 'underquilt'

04-09-2003, 23:02
Finally made a model underquilt out of Walmart bargain bin materials and field tested it this past weekend on an AT hike from Deep Gap to Wallace Gap...
the model was made after studying the underquilt made by 'Not Frozen at the BackpackingLight site and Dennis Klinsky's 10oz. down underquilt.
Basic Construction: a large oval of olive green typical plain nylon outer, polyfil insulation and then a layer of Radiantek...clips placed around the quilt matching to d-rings sewn on the hammock, bungies used to tension the quilt to the top and bottom guylines/support ropes of the hammock.
Conditions: brutal wind, driving rain, but temps never fell below 48 degrees. (this was behind Big Springs Shelter and in a fairly protected spot with the hammock surround by Mountain laurel)
How did I sleep? like a log, very warm and cozy, on my side, on my back but never found myself on my stomack,,,few cold spots but the quilt needed to be a little longer and just a little bigger.
Next step in the underquilt process: I am going to amalgamize the Garlington Taco and a quilt, it will be with simple cut lines versus matching the body in the hammock with materials and ending up with a obloid egg-shaped quilt.....so I have to get sewing since the next hike is a 50 miler in May.....report(s) to follow.