View Full Version : Anyone seen Big Pappy

08-28-2006, 13:52
On July 24 While on my section hike I met a section hiker headed to SNP we were at the Hawk Mtn Shelter in GA. So he had a ways to go. He never showed up at Gooch Mtn the next night be we saw him at Woody Gap on the 26th. My wife and daughter hiked the first three days with me then they got off the trail at Woody and Gave Big Pappy a ride to Mtn Crossings because of an ankle problem. He mentioned catching a ride from Horse Gap to Woody the day before and sleeping on a picnic table at the Gap. I was hopping to meet up with him in the Smokies or Mt Rogers area to hike with him a few days as he was great company and very entertaining. If any one has seen him it would be great to know if he is still on the trail. He is hard to miss, he is a six ft tall 300+ pound black man with a bad ankle and is diabetic. I thought I would have heard from him by now.