View Full Version : How long for CT to ME section hike?

08-28-2006, 15:17
My buddy and I are planning to hike from CT to ME next summer starting on or around June 1st. I am thinking that it would take approximately 2 months. We are both in fairly good shape. Is this about right?

Lone Wolf
08-28-2006, 15:21
It's about 13 miles per day for 60 days. No time off.

Jack Tarlin
08-28-2006, 15:23
Connecticut will take you 2-3 days to hike; Massachusetts 5-6; Vermont 9-11; and New Hampshire about a dozen.

For most folks in good shape, it should take you right about 4 weeks to go from the NY/CONN border to the NH/MAINE border. If you continue and hike Maine, most folks do it in 22-27 days.

If you hike from the NY/CONN border, I think you'll do it in around 53-60 days, i.e. right around eight weeks, maybe a little less.

08-28-2006, 15:49
Thanks guys. I'll plan on being back sometime early to mid-august as we will probably be taking a 0 mile day once a week.