View Full Version : bus from lee to north adams

08-28-2006, 18:14
is there reliable bus service from there if a shuttle isn't possible?

Jack Tarlin
08-28-2006, 18:22
I'm not sure. You might want to contact either Rob Bird or Tom Levardi, who both live in nearby Dalton. They'd know. They also might be able to help you with a shuttle if bus service is unavailable.

(I don't have either of these guys' phone numbers on me, but perhaps someone who does can privately write k-n with the information).

Lone Wolf
08-28-2006, 18:24
Try PeterPan/Bonanza Bus Lines.

John S
08-28-2006, 18:58
There is local bus service but I'm not sure if it runs on Sunday. Try 1-800-292-BRTA for a schedule. Also, check the link below for a route map.


08-28-2006, 23:41
Greyhound (actually I think the carrier is Peter Pan, but you can buy the tickets at Greyhound) runs to Williamstown which is a short walk away, 5 miles or so. Probably an easy hitch too.