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04-09-2003, 23:28
I have 21 days off in May and am torn between starting where I left off in Virginia- at LIttle Wolf Creek and heading to Pearisburg,,,,,or hiking the Shenandoah portion of the AT.....the problem as always with sectin hikers is how/who/where to shuttle?
I've heard mention of a hostel in Pearisburg and a man who shuttles there? anyone know is name/e-mail/etc.
What about shuttles in Shenandoah???
If I could figure out the shuttles maybe I could do both.
Thanks in advance.
Simva the Medicine Man

04-09-2003, 23:39
I guess another question is where to leave a vehicle in Pearisburg? and where to leave one at Shenandoah?

Hammock Hanger
04-09-2003, 23:57
THe gentleman that cares for the hostel and does the shuttle service is Mr. Bill Gautier. He has shuttled me on many occasions and is a really great guy. He is ex-army and somewhere in his 70's. His# is 540-921-4673.

If you use his services please tell him that Hammock Hanger said hello.


04-09-2003, 23:58
Thanks HH, looks like I will be calling him soon....still dont know whether to do that section or Shen.NP what do you think?

Hammock Hanger
04-10-2003, 00:05
Can't say that either was my favorite part of the hike... but I really did not care for the SNP at all. The only good part was that it was fairly easy hiking and there were lots of places to eat. That was greatwhile thru-hiking... but if I am section hiking I want to be out hiking. I would take the other section. HH

04-10-2003, 00:19
Well in my 2000 miler quest they both have to be done eventually, if I could get it in gear I could do both but want to visit the coast and paddle a bit on my days off....so am leaning toward the approach to Pearisburg, thanks for your opinion!

Larry Vaughn
05-13-2013, 12:16
I agree Shanys were a boring part of the trail, but if you decide to do them you can find a list of trail angels in waynesboro who can help you get to the trailhead for free, and then there is also shuttles listed. I found the list at the trailhead just before town, but you may be able to find a copy online or something. I actually may have a copy of it in my pics somewhere if you want to send me a message I'll see if I can find it

max patch
05-13-2013, 13:09
Its been 10 years, I bet Medicine Man has found a shuttle by now. :)

05-13-2013, 13:46
Its been 10 years, I bet Medicine Man has found a shuttle by now. :)

Nice notice Max. maybe the poster was thinking about the 10th anniversary of the 2003 hike.:)