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04-10-2003, 17:20
I know this is a very unpopular topic, but... can anyone tell me what cell phone company has the best connectivity on the trail? I realize that I will not be able to always get a connection, but is one service provider superior to another? Verizon looks pretty good,(and that's what I intend to bring) but any information to the contrary would be appreciated.

Papa Bear
04-10-2003, 18:34
I had good experience with Verizon from NJ north to Maine. Didn't hike south of there.

Remember you will generally get a signal on hill/ridge tops, not in valleys.

One side affect of this is when you get to a road you generally will not have a signal (except in towns). We learned the hard way when we came out in Grafton Notch (Maine) instead of East B Hill Road and couldn't call our shuttle (in Andover) to notify him of the new rendezvous. We froze in the rain and finally hitched to Bethel.


Preacher Dude
04-10-2003, 18:50
My cell phone is Verizon. I was able to use it only at certain mountain vista overlooks ....and even that would come and go. Since most of the shelters are located in gaps, I haven't found a shelter where I could get a connection. If you are expecting someone to be able to get in touch with you while on the trail .....you can pretty much forget that.But then again, one of the main reasons a lot of us enjoy the trail is because we are able to get away from the phones and the stress of day to day business.. I normally leave the telephone numbers of the Ranger districts that I plan to hike through with my family so they can get in touch with me in case of an emergency.

04-10-2003, 23:12
can you say Ham radio....CW can punch through when nothing else can...not for telling the mrs. that you are fine, but good for when someone has bone sticking through skin

Blue Jay
04-11-2003, 08:13
Verizon is currently building and planning to build more cell phone towers than any other corporation on earth. So if you want more towers, Verizon is a very good corporation to support.

Rhody Bill
04-11-2003, 21:39
AT&T worked nine out of ten nights, from Ga to Me from the ridges and mountaintops.

04-11-2003, 21:45

04-14-2003, 12:34
I would like to thank the people who stuck to the topic and gave me concrete, unbiased and usefull information on cell phone connectivity on the trail. For me personally, I now will consider this forum closed.

Blue Jay
04-14-2003, 13:01
For me personally (and every other nally), I now will consider this and all other forums except trailplace, open.

07-10-2003, 10:25
Finally! A legitimate use for a cell phone on the trail.


07-10-2003, 17:11
We had good luck with Sprint, as far south a VA..Spint service on a Sanyo phone :) Good luck

B Thrash
07-10-2003, 20:52
You may get strung up on a nearby tree for using a cell phone in a shelter by a purest white blaze thru-hiker. Just between me and you when I use my cell phone I go up or down the trail so I will not cause any ill feelings with the other hikers in the shelter.
If you already have a cell phone it will work as good as any as long as you have a good battery and your cell phone signal is picked up by a tower in the area that you are in. I use Cingular with good results.

Lone Wolf
07-11-2003, 00:06
I don't use water filters, hiking poles, cell phones, my pack is over 40lbs., I blue blaze a LOT, may carry a sidearm sometimes, never s**t in a privy. My point? Too much cabernet tonite. Carry a cell phone if you feel you need it. I'll respect your decision. Have a nice hike.
Semper Fidelis