View Full Version : Just a thought on cleanliness....

04-13-2003, 23:30
Dont know where I heard this , maybe here, so sorry if a repeat....
I take a film canister full of cottons balls soaked in alcohol, nightly before crawling in the bag or under the quilt I swab down my groin, pit and face/ears (not in quite that order!) with an alcohol ball....also carry a small bottle of alcohol gel to do the hands before eating and post body function #1.....

08-09-2003, 11:34
I have basically the same thought. Keeps you from getting too "sweet" and maybe can get rid of ticks, etc that haven't yet attache themselves. I plan to use it extensively.

About the cotton balls soaked in alcohol: Aren't those "waterless soaps" alcohol based and about the same thing?
Do you really need the cotton balls too?

How long will the film canister hold the alcohol?
Not sure if they are air-tight.