View Full Version : Hitting "Mark this forum read"

04-14-2003, 17:54
Is it just me? Seems to me, when you hit the "Mark this forum read" button you should be deposited up a level in the forum hierarchy. It would cut down on network traffic. As it is, you have to wait for the command to take, and then you have to "manually" take yourself up to the previous level (AT Forums @ WhiteBlaze.Net). Seems like the other forums do this for you. Sorry to be a nit. I enjoy this forum muchly anyway.


04-15-2003, 16:28

this was driving me batty, too (and probably everyone with a slow connection) but then I discovered the "mark all forums read" button. Now I just read all the new stuff, and hit that button once, and problem is solved. It's on the main forum page on the right hand side.

04-16-2003, 06:43
What I mean is that when you do hit this button, it should take you back to "AT Forums @ White Blaze.NET" , or the opening page... Seems to me...