View Full Version : Grayson Highlands loop question

04-15-2003, 22:46
On Sunday I did the loop starting and ending at Grayson Highlands and using the Pine Mtn trail.

Can someone give the milage for that? The Pine Mtn tail was 2 miles but I don't know the mileage for the rest.

The hike was just great. Canoe Pusher and I did this as a training hike for our SNP hike. We took our full packs. Temps were in the 70's and blue skies. A little snow here and there. No leaves on the trees yet. Water was just flowing from everywhere. The ponies were there but must be a new bunch. They didn't have the yogiing thing down. I scratched on one's neck till he almost fell over on me. They are something else.


04-15-2003, 23:42
According to my old data book, the rest should be 8.5 mi, for a total of 10.5. Add in an extra mile for the round trip to the parking area. Seems a long 2 miles on the Pine Mt. trail.

04-16-2003, 00:03
Thanks Groucho!!

Yeah, I remember the sign at the top of Pine Mtn saying The Pine Mtn trail was 2 miles and I just checked a National Geographic map that I have and it claims 1.9 miles.

I appreciate the info.

Take care!!