View Full Version : Springer to Dick's Creek in 7 days

Preacher Dude
04-18-2003, 20:22
Bright and early Monday morning 4-21, I'll begin my hike from Springer to Dick's Creek .........hopefully arriving at Dick's Creek on Sunday the 27th. Will try to spend Monday night at the new Gooch Mountain Shelter if it's not too crowded. This is my first hike since last July and boy I am really excited!!!! Hope to see some of ya up there on our trail.


04-26-2003, 04:58
Be sure to give us a trip report on your section hike....I just finished Ga and love to recollect on it....especially Sassafras Mtn, still believe Myron Avery grins and spins in the grave anytime someone walks over it....not that it was just hard, just a typical AT PUD WNR (with no reward) :)