View Full Version : Loving Leadville

09-14-2006, 18:00
I am now in one of the best trail towns..on any trail: Leadville. Great hostel, compact, all the services, etc.

About half-way through Colorado. Unlike previous trips, there will be no 100 miles run attempts. Just eating. I'll save any ultra attempts for after the 2800 mile hike! :D

For those wo know him, Goof is here in Leadville! Great to see a PCT buddy!

Delayed my stay in Boulder by one day. Was just NASTY on the divide Saturday. Some other hikers also bailed that day, too. Cross country travel above treeline is not my idea of fun. :)

Sunday the weather was iffy too, so I dropped below
treeline and hiked back up to the divide again. My
quads! My quads!

Plan on finishing this trail on November 1st. Make my
trip last an even 4 months!

Here is my updated ETAs for my maildrops:

Pagosa Springs (picking up bounce bucket) 9/28
Ghost Ranch 10/4
Cuba (picking up bounce bucket 10/7)
Pie Town 10/17
Doc Campbells 10/22

Really puts the trip in perspective!

Had a wonderful time in Boulder seeing everyone. Hard
to leave! Now enjoying the Indian Summer weather.
Cross your fingers it lasts.