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09-15-2006, 11:34
I finished up the Long Trail tuesday afternoon at Journey's End. Started from Killington on september 1st, and had a blast hiking most of the trip with my good buddy Riverside (GAME 06).

My journal is up at Trailjournals.com under Long Trail 2006. I've still got photos to add from the southern section, but the ones from Jonesville to Canada are up.

Unfortunately my camera was malfunctioning b/c I got it wet, so I had to go to a disposable camera, hence the crappy pics. The ones I'm gonna put on are digital.

I ended up loving the trail for its old charm and history, but most of that was due to the excellent weather I had the last 3 days, and over Mansfield. The weather was really crummy from Killington to Jonesville which made for poor spirits. I honestly thought this trail dished out more difficult terrain in sections compared to that of the Whites/Mahoosucs of the AT. Parts of the trail when wet are really unpleasant, but overall the LT is swell. Good small towns, great scenary, and a lot of work for your rewards. Didn't really see many people more than once, and was suprised how empty the trail was. Passed several SOBO's on my last day.

Hope you enjoy the journal as much I did the trip!

09-15-2006, 11:37
Congratulations! I'm starting an LT sobo hike tomorrow if I can get everything ready in time. :rolleyes:

hammock engineer
09-15-2006, 11:38
I'll have to check your journal out. I am headed for the Lt next month.

TJ aka Teej
09-15-2006, 14:31
I finished up the Long Trail tuesday afternoon
Congrats, A-Train & Riverside!

09-15-2006, 14:41
Way to go :)
Hope your hike was a lot of fun - looking forward to reading more of your trailjournal! ( and checking out the photos)

Hammock Hanger
12-08-2006, 10:55
I put in my last 12 miles of the hike mid-July, it was a 90 degree day!! I would like to come back and do this trail again in one straight shot. So many trails, so little time....

12-08-2006, 13:39
Congratulations on completeing the Long Trail. That is something to be proud of.

I think this trail, being relatively short at 270 miles doesn't really get its due. But it is a serious challenge and as much of an accomplishment as hiking any other trail.

David (snickers)

TJ aka Teej
12-08-2006, 18:23
I put in my last 12 miles of the hike mid-July, it was a 90 degree day!!
Congrats, HH! :banana

07-11-2007, 14:34
congrats! i finished the LT on july 2nd. my trail name is wandered off, you may have read some of my entries in the registers. i experienced some crummy weather myself, and almost went home at lincoln gap. it was a blast though and i hope you had a great time too!

07-13-2007, 10:12
HH did the hike in 2006, not this year. Did you do yours then or this year?

07-18-2007, 10:32
hahaha, i did mine this year. i was so excited that i wasn't paying attention to the date. very typical of myself. it doesn't seem like the long trail gets much attention on this site. i actually met more people on the long trail after the maine junction than i did on the at all the way down to connecticut, my starting point. are there any online communities for the long trail?

07-21-2007, 20:12
The GMC only registers a little over 100 LT thru-hikers per year. For me its a perfect length, 3 weeks or so is about the amount of time I can get off to backpack. I went SOBO in '05, will probably NOBO this August (tentatively starting on the 8th) I don't think there are any on-line LT communities, but there is another LT forum:


08-28-2007, 13:59
Just finished a NOBO hike yesterday. I also had the pleasure of meeting Cooker Hiker and Northern Harrier a few times along the way.