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09-16-2006, 18:55
posted to the pct-l by Greg Hummel....


www.aldhawest.org (http://www.aldhawest.org)

Come one, come all, hear ye', hear ye'!

The ALDHA-West Annual Gathering is coming up soon and ya' all are invited!

It is to be held at the Arrah Wanna Camp (see _www.camparrahwanna.org_
(http://www.camparrahwanna.org) for more info) on September 29th, 30th and October
1st. This camp is a bit east of Portland on the way to the incredible Mt.

Up for a some great and unusual presentations?


- America's Vibrant Wilderness Agenda, Even in Challenging Political Times -
by Ken Rait - Campaigns Director for America's Wilderness in Portland

- A Walk Across Iceland - By Jonathan Ley and Camper Dave Cobb

- Still Walking - By bigfoot himself - Scott "Squatch" Herriott

- CDT Hiking Planning - By Jim Bennett and a CDT 2005 musical presentation
by Dothan "Cliffhanger" Cliff

- First Aid in the Wilderness - by Steve "Moondancer" Brill

- Snow and Ice Travel - Ned Tibbets

- Create Your Hiking Metaphors - by Keith Ritchey - (we're all wondering
about this one!)

- A gear swap, pictures, great food, great people, a beautiful setting, low
cost, etc., etc.

Check out the registration info on _www.aldhawest.org_
(http://www.aldhawest.org) and there is also a ride board setup on the site to help with

I hope to see you all there!

Greg "Strider" Hummel
Gathering Presentation Coordinator

(oh and don't forget to sign up for a cheap membership too!)

"To the Backpacker time and place have no meaning. Independent and
self-sustaining he is his own master. That is the joy of backpacking. Wandering where
and when he wishes, darkness finds him "everywhere at home.""
Clinton C. Clarke in "The Pacific Crest Trailway" 1943