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09-16-2006, 22:13
Im planning on hiking from CT through ME starting mid may. I plan on bringing medalist performance thermo-gear, a t-shirt, shorts, some sort of pants, a fleece and rain gear. Considering the time of yr. do you think it is necessary for me to also bring a warmer jacket? Im not so concerned about CT, MA and VT, Im more concerned about the white mountains and ME. If I should need a jacket would it make sense to have it sent in a mail drop before reaching NH and only carrying it for NH and ME? Any opinions are welcomed- I dont want to carry extra weight but I dont want to freeze to death. :) thank you, thank you!

09-16-2006, 22:14
Nah..you won't need clothes at all during May. ;)

09-17-2006, 00:18
I would probably carry a synthetic filled vest and a long john top, even in the Whites in May/June. You should be plenty warm enough while you're hiking. In camp, you can get into your bag if you get cold. If you add another long john type of top, you can wear both under the vest if you get unusually cold weather. Just make sure you can keep them dry. Your wind or rain shell will also trap some heat on cold, windy days - and get a nice, warm hat - does wonders keeping the rest of the body warm.

You might want to consider carrying a bug headnet for the blackflies, though.

09-17-2006, 10:15
Ice out in Maine usually is not until May 15 so you should be prepared for cold. Granted you won't get up to Maine for a while but New ENgland weather can be very wet and cold in the spring. I would make sure your rain gear keeps you dry and have extra socks, fleece pants, and perhaps a windbloc fleece if it was me. but i'm a little skinny guy and get cold easy.
most of all: have fun!

09-17-2006, 23:16
Thanks everyone, I appreciate the advice. no winter jacket for me!