View Full Version : Is this a good tent setup??

09-17-2006, 21:35
This is my first post. Nice forum you have here.

I am new to backpacking. I have only bought a few pieces of gear so far. I am looking for a tent now.

I live in PA and will mostly hike in the summer and early fall. Mosquitos that carry West Nile and Deer ticks with Lyme disease are a concern for me. I know people who have had each. I don't want either. The next most important is ventilation. It is pretty humid in this area.

I am looking at the Beta Bug tent to keep bugs away. By iteslf it would allow great ventilation. I could add a Betamid or MSR Twin Peaks for rain protection.

How much ventilation do you get with a single wall tarp like the Betabid or the Twin Peaks?? It looks like you would get air flow under the sides. How well does that work? Is it comparable to a double wall? The Twin Peaks has a "ridge vent", what is that?

Another option I have thought of is to use a tarp suspended over the Beta Bug. I think a 10 x 12 foot tarp in an A-frame shape would work good. Each end would have about 2 feet of under tarp area. (The Beta Bug is about 8 ft long.) With both ends open it should have good ventilation (maybe better than a double wall?). Does anyone use this type of setup? How well does it work?


09-17-2006, 21:40
:welcome The Beta Bug would work. A tarp would make it rain proof. There are lots & lots of options out there. You might want to make a visit to an outfitter and see some of those options for yourself.

Good luck and happy hiking.