View Full Version : what model is this pack?

09-18-2006, 12:42
Can someone help me identify the model of Jansport pack I just got:confused: - Its supposed to be about 9 years old- it appears to be in the4500- 5,000 ci range. It has a large thick round lumbarpad, and an adjustable round thick pad that rides between the shoulders, the top comes off as a day pack. The bottom has a sleeping bag compartment that is seperated from the main compartment by inside zipper. it has every imaginable adjustable strap- side compression straps that hook into the hip belt- the hip belt has waist adjustment and compression type strap as well. the shoulder strap assembly has ability for torso length adjustment as well as compression type adjustment.It has two ice axe loops on the bottom, and only one outside pocket centered in the middle-it also has two thick aluminum stays that rise well above my neck-
Not that the model matters much, as I like the pack-compared to the stuff I used to use- its like night and day.....
it took forever to get all the straps back to there correct orientation, as the last owner seems to have changed them all around, and made adjustments by tying knots in the straps:-? - but know that its all fixed up and adjusted for me- I hope to put many miles on the trail with it- any thoughts on what it might be would be appreciated

Frolicking Dinosaurs
09-19-2006, 07:08
Could you put some pics in the gallery or load them as attachments to help with the identification of the pack?

09-19-2006, 20:58
ok- here are the pics-( I had to wait for the more technologically advanced half to figure this out)
Thanks for any help