View Full Version : Will any SOBO's be in NJ on Oct 20th??

09-20-2006, 16:31
me and my bud are doing our first section hike starting on OCT 20th. What are the chances we will run into some SOBO's? I wanna meet some people and hear some stories.

p.s. we will be starting at the DWG and heading north.

p.p.s. Whats the deal with trail names? do you have to be a thru hiker to get one, and you gets to give you one?

p.p.p.s. :banana

09-20-2006, 16:32
opps, i meant "who gets to give you one?"


Jack Tarlin
09-20-2006, 16:37

You might meet some, but by 20 October, most will be south of New Jersey. However, there may well be a few late SOBO's in the area; some people who have flip-flopped or who have a few sections to fill in; and plenty of section hikers.

I hope you have great company on your trip.

Oh, and a "Trail name" is for any hiker who wants one; they're not reserved for thru-hikers. In most cases, people pick their own; in some cases it's bestowed on them by others. Whatever works for you!