View Full Version : Philosopher, 2000

DMA, 2000
09-21-2006, 14:49
Hello...I am wondering if anyone has kept in touch with a northbounder from 2000 named Philosopher. Tall guy from South Africa. Thanks.

Brushy Sage
09-21-2006, 17:50
I haven't kept up with him, though I found him to be an interesting man. I met him at Dahlgren Campground (Maryland) when I lived in that area. I asked him about his trail name, and he said "Well, we just sort of evolve out here."

09-21-2006, 19:55
That is what Philosopher would say (in a lilting melodic way) when he thought we were yanking his chain (which was frequently). Spent much time hiking with him and have done numerous Google searches and asked many hikers about him but he fell off the radar. Last I heard (Rumor Alert) he was guiding in South Africa going from Jungle to desert to other different venues for hiking. If you get a line on him please let me know.