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Survivor Dave
09-21-2006, 21:51
Hello fellow 2007 hikers.
I am looking to find a few folks to get together for some prep hikes along the Approach Trail and possibly veer off to The Len Foote Hike-Inn. I was there about a week or so ago via the Hike-Inn Trail, about 5 miles of moderate hiking with about 20 lbs.. I wanted to check out the AT Approach Trail where it meets back on the other side of the Hike-Inn Trail, and spent the night there. Maybe hike to Springer the next day and then a cool 10 miles or so back. Probably stay at Springer Mountain Shelter for the second night.Who knows? I am having a blast discovering all these great trails! Len Foote is real cool place for solitude usually in the middle of the week if you can get away.
Also, if you are into some of the NPS Parks or areas of the Chattahoochee River like Gold Branch Unit, Island Ford Unit, Vickery Creek Unit, and so on.
I have been hiking about 4 days a week and am starting to feel the difference already!
Maybe take some time(well..... alot of time talking and sifting through gear and such)LOL

Please e-mail if you are interested in doing some 5-10 milers or overnighters, or just some hikes around Atlanta and vicinity.
I am thinking of departing somewhere between March 12th and the 17th.

www.hike-inn.com (http://www.hike-inn.com) for info on the Len Foote Hike-Inn

Hike On,
Big Maguro

09-21-2006, 22:39
Sounds good, Sent PM

09-21-2006, 22:45
Have a look at this thread, Amigos.


09-30-2006, 19:22
When would you like to do some prep hikes, I will be thru hiking next year as well and live in Dalton Ga?