View Full Version : Double Spring (AKA Kelly) Knob

09-24-2006, 00:09
Gave this a try today...and as usual, didn't quite get there.
Parked at the gate on Wildcat Road and walked a mile to Addis Gap.
Then, after climbing about 1 mile from Addis Gap for an arse kicking 1000 foot vertical, I and my climbing companion reached the place on the trail that becomes a clearing. This spot is not the top of the mtn as I understand but rather the highest point the AT reaches on the mtn, whos summit lies about a quarter mile away on some side trail nearby.

I had had enough. My head was spinning and I heard thunder. My companion scouted ahead for the side trail while I rested in the clearing - the only damn flat and soft place since Addis Gap. He noticed what could have been some side trails but nothing marked "this way to Kelly summit". He couldn't have gone too far as he was only gone for 3 minutes or so.

I didn't want to get soaked and cold, so I requested we return immediately.

I took a look at topozone and their map is very bad.


The AT trail line on the TZ map is discontinuous right near Kelly. I can't tell whether the clearing we reached was on top of the unnamed spur knob s-sw of the Kelly summit, or somewhere in the col between the two.

I would really like to see an updated and accurate map if anyone can post one.