View Full Version : "new" Hostel in Shelburne

09-24-2006, 07:36
I noticed recently that the White Birches Campground in Shelburne NH is advertising an "AT hikers Hostel". This campground is about a mile or so west on RT 2 towards Gorham just after the White Birches town Forest. Not sure of the accomodations but I beleive they have showers, washers and dryers and a minimal campstore. They also rent canoes and do river shuttles so it might be a good place to take a day off for a nice paddle down the Androscoggin. (Possible aqua blaze around the Mahoosucs? ;) )

Pure speculation is that they are not going to get a lot of business as most hikers will hitch into Gorham for resupply. It may be good for future reference given the major development occuring in the Gorham area as it has happened previously that both Hikers Paradise (which is for active sale) and the Barn have been consistently filled with transient construction workers during through hiker season leaving no other low cost alternatives.

09-12-2007, 16:44
An update on the hostel. I stopped by a few nights ago and he has had a busy summer with hikers everynight. The hostel has 12 bunks, a refrigerator and a microwave but no kitchen. There is a picnic table for cooking out back. Coin operated showers, laundry and pool. They do scheduled shuttles into town, plus there is a resident of the campground that does regional shuttles. The price is $11 a night but most likely will go up to $13 for 2008. He has fulel by the ounce but minimal hikers food as everyone goes in town for a resupply. They do some shuttles for slackpacks.

The owner lives downstairs from the hostel so its not a great party spot. Its about halfway to Gorham from the AT crossing at route 2