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09-25-2006, 06:56
Pleads for Help!!

The Gathering is in need of the following assistance.
Please put out the word to anyone and everyone you know.

25th Anniversary Cake

Terry Wilson is the lead person for construction of the 25th Anniversary Cake. She is desperate for persons to bring cakes. Her contact information is ktwgame@yahoo.com or via phone 812-935-3366 (Wednesday evenings until early Monday morning).
*****Cakes to be constructed into one GIANT SIZE cake !!!!!******


Need a few folks to bring some baked goods for Friday. Portioned into separate packages and to be sold for a donation to benefit the South Folklife Center.

DVD Projectors

Need DVD projectors for workshops and a good sound system for the evening programs.

Need a combined TV/VCR for a Leave No Trace display at the two day Hiker Fair.

Need an oversized screen for the ballroom to be used the entire weekend.

Stacy L. Mikkalsen-Boone
2006 Gathering Coordinator

09-30-2006, 09:32
Not many people own high powered dvd projectors. Does your employer?

We need a high powered dvd projector for optimal viewing of evening programs at the Gathering. At this point, any projector higher than the 1000+ lumens range we already have lined up will be an improvement. But, the higher the lumens value, the better.

If your company has one that they would be willing to lend to a non-profit (501(c)3) for the weekend, please let me know that ASAP and include the lumens specifications. Of course, if you happen to personally own a higher lumens projector that you can bring to the Gathering, please get in touch with me and include the lumens spec.

My research shows we should optimally have one in the 4,000 lumens (or higher) range so the closer we can get to this specification, the better, brighter, and easier to see the presentations will be.

Rental costs are prohibitive for this type of projector.

Thank you for your attention,

Stitches, AT99 (and former ALDHA Member-at-Large)

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