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09-25-2006, 20:51
ok blazers..I have a question to pose to you. if you could assemble a dream gear list for your thru hike, what would it consist of? be serious..if money was not an issue..but you still had to carry it all, what would you puchase..top of the line..anything goes.. but keep it under say....30lbs total..35 with food/water..clothes, pack, stove, shelter, bag...everything from naked to GO.I look forward to your answers..thx:)

Lone Wolf
09-25-2006, 20:53
You can't buy a thru-hike. Or a par round of golf.

Just a Hiker
09-25-2006, 21:19
Don, first off, thanks for the post you sent to me.......as far as your question about "Dream gear list" goes; gear really doesn't matter if you want to hike bad enough as I know you do. It's funny you should ask that question however because I am sitting at a Starbucks Coffee shop in Portland, Maine with a few homeless vets and I am trying to figure out how I can outfit them and take them out on the trail for a couple of weeks. It's funny because we're in the Yuppy part of Portland and the Manager here is ******ing pissed that we're here smelling up his coffee shop. Anyway, we are going to raid my storage unit tomorrow to see what we can come up with so these guys can hike with me a bit. I guess my point is that the gear don't matter if you want to hike bad enough. Like Lone Wolf said......expensive lightweight gear don't guarantee a thru-hike. Take Care!! Just Jim

09-25-2006, 22:12
Jim, sorry I missed you earlier..glad to see you are in maine and well..what you are doing is a awsome thing..I have some spare gear here.I wish you could use.I think my question has been taken out of context..i am not trying to buy a thru or anything of the sort, I am simply trying to see what other hikers would buy if they had the chance, perhaps it's a quality piece of gear that I or another hiker wasn't aware of. you know my situation, and I am just exploreing all viable options and looking for good investment for my money , seeing as now I have more time to wait.I was just interested in picking the minds of others to see what else is out there.trying to stay light, but with decent gear..thats all. keep up the great work..stay in touch..good luck and peace..Don:)

hammock engineer
09-25-2006, 23:34
One thing that I have been looking at more that I didn't when I first started buying gear for my thru is the cottege industries ran be hikers. There are other threads and the links section that could give you a complete list.

Some of the gear can be a little more expensive, or maybe cheaper. But all of the gear I have seem so far, I have been really impressed by. The hiker minds behind them with their years and mileage behind them tend to make a better product. Less bells and whistles and more functionality. YMMV