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09-29-2006, 20:36
many sleepless nights in my labratory has produced a work of art. what you got?

gravy mix
pop tarts
oatmeal and rasins
jolly ranchers
bagle and pepperoni and cheese
nuts and chocolate
tuna and tortilla
macs and cheese
potatoe mix

09-29-2006, 21:19
No Snickers?

09-29-2006, 21:32
thats the chocolate. its a bag of broken up jumbo hershys and 12 snickers broken in half. i dont carry wrappers. cause im too hungry and moving all the time. i need a grab . im drunk.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
09-29-2006, 21:40
R.I.P. - Matthewski - Our dear friend passed from among us today due to having not consumed a vegetable during his entire thru-hike.

09-29-2006, 21:44
wrong . when in town i eat burgers and frys and shakes . thats grain and seseme seeds and potateos and tomatoe and lettuce and pickles and ,... is salt a vegetable?

09-29-2006, 21:47
and vannila beans and coco beans and coffie beans and the cheese! the cheese is made from grass! and pop tarts,.....lots and lots of veggies. the blubbery filling........even the icing!

Frolicking Dinosaurs
09-29-2006, 21:49
::: makes broccoli casserole and spinach quiche for matthewski :::

09-29-2006, 22:00
that list is a frickin work of art. its available everywhere. and it was designed by a team of swiss guys i got in my house and they reverse engeneered hunger , bypassing the usual method of menu planning witch is to ask what do you like or ,. what satisfies,... these brave men i hired for pennys,... started by asking only this,.... what makes others most willing to trade for. they studyed jelosy and greed and came up with a salty greesy chocolaty yum yum we call,... my bag of food dude.

09-29-2006, 22:02
salt, greese, and chocolate. its all you really need.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
09-29-2006, 22:34
Matthewski, you must release the Swiss engineers from your basement at once. Slavery has been outlawed.

BTW, how high is your cholesterol? (or did your doc just pass out when he saw the numbers?)

09-29-2006, 23:23
:eek: What NO ICE CREAM !!!! Are you mad man ?
One must have Ice Cream to survive the rigors of....the rigors of....of...
Well of everything.

Hammock Hanger
09-29-2006, 23:24
many sleepless nights in my labratory has produced a work of art. what you got?

gravy mix good
coffee only if you must have
pop tarts total waste, no nutritional value
oatmeal and raisins best if you do not use the instant, try 6 grain oatmeal (if you soak it over night and throw in a little hot water in the morning it cooks as quick as instant but has more nutritional value. Try adding flax seeds as well.
jolly ranchers quick sugar rush, not long lasting but will help you up that hill
jerky good - try homemade if you can.
bagel and pepperoni and cheese very good
nuts and chocolate very good, nuts before bed help to replenish muscle - remember in the summer chocolate melts
tuna and tortilla good, the FLATOUT breads are great kind of a combo between pita and tortilla
macs and cheese good, try the longer cooking kind, the new microwave kind are void of nutrition
raman a pack staple but don't use it as a nightly source, not high in nutrition unless you add to it. High in sodium which on the trail can be a good thing.
potato mix great sticks to your ribs and you can add so many things to it.
butter dried butter??

I found that Moo Goo (peanut butter/honey/powdered milk/cornmeal) was superb in giving my body that extra boost of energy without the crash you get from straight sugar products. Way better then those power gels. Sometimes I would add raisins or flax seed into the mix.

Your list looks good these are just some comments from me to you (kind of my 2 cents worth.) :sun

09-30-2006, 00:25
salt, greese, and chocolate. its all you really need.

Salt, sugar, grease, caffeine & chocolate--the main food groups! :clap

Frolicking Dinosaurs
09-30-2006, 00:27
::: note to self - pass out multivitamins as trail magic :::

09-30-2006, 00:57
Salt, sugar, grease, caffeine & chocolate--the main food groups! :clap

What about, as SMS would say, "That old demon alkyhol." :confused:

09-30-2006, 13:08
you just cant drink on a thru. you get way to drunk and way dehydrated and hiking isnt fun after drinking late.we talk about booze on the trail but forget it in town. and most are sorry if they drink if for no other reason than it keeps you up late on a hiking day. next year im bringin a fith of wiskey to ammacalola and staying drunk to neels then not drinkin again till maine is finnished.

09-30-2006, 13:15
thanks dino, and its real butter and then margerine in summer. and i wouldnt use instant oatmeal for fire starter if i was starving and frozen. i use long cooking oats and eat them alldonte.and dont ever let me here you speak against pop tarts ever again. there not supposed to be food silly. they kill appetite and speed freak you out on sugar. the only activity high enough to allow the digestion of these sugar shingles is thruhiking. so its my only chance to use them. use ,.. not eat. they are the speed pills of the food bag. the crack in the pack,.. the dali lamma of sugar traumma. and i dont carry rammen for main stay dinners. just to break up the monotany of macs and cheese. you speak wisdom oh prehistoric one.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
09-30-2006, 13:41
Mweinstone is a poet - who knew :sun

On a serious note - try grits - the white kind - instead of oats or half & half with your long cook oats. The reason is the amount of protein they pack plus the difference in the type of complex carbs they supply. While they aren't going to rev up your engine like a sugar shingle (I love that name for poptarts), it will give you sustained energy for hiking and supply enough protein to keep your body from breaking that down for energy.

09-30-2006, 19:47
grits are in. thanx. but in keeping with the original swiss engineers design theory i cant buy them cause im only adding some to my oats and i would throw away too much grits at stops with no hiker box. so my plan is,.. take grits from hiker boxes only. that way ill allways have a small amount.

09-30-2006, 20:07
novice hikers can learn so much from hiker boxes. one thing i like to do is ask if i can clean out and recombine and organize a hiker box.the ones at miss janets and all others tell a story of bad ideas and over packing. the number one offender that ends up thrown in the box is,....take out resturant duck sause. what the frick?and things like mayo and ketchup in those foil packets. you know the ones that you need fifty of for frys?all these batterys end up in there. and large bottles of contact cleaner and pills of unknown origine. whole rolls of ductape. heavy amounts of hand sterilizer and wet toweletts.hot cereals and hot drinks abound and so do toe clippers. i want hikers to clean the hostels each time they stay. but i know its there call. it can be fun .