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10-03-2006, 19:13
We are doing a section hike that will end at deep gap. Is it ok to leave a car at Deep Gap for two nights? If not, could we leave it at Standing Indian Campground? How far is it from Deep Gap to Standing Indian campground?

We started this hike a couple of years ago and had to bail due to weather. I had all of this worked out then, but just wanted to get on update.


Daddy Longlegs
10-03-2006, 20:42
I have left my car at Deep Gap over night with a bunch of other cars. I did not have any problems. I have also left my car at the camp ground when the dirt road to Deep Gap was closed. The trail from Deep Gap to the camp ground is less then 4 miles and easy going down. The camp ground does charge by the day to leave a car there.

When are you going?

10-03-2006, 22:07
sure when are you going to leave it there?

10-03-2006, 22:10
We are going this weekend (the 6th and 7th). We are going from Dick's Creek to Deep Gap. We tried to do this section a couple of years ago, but we got off the mountain becouse of a storm that was coming in. That is the last time that I was in the woods for any length of time (I go for short walks with my dog around here in Nashville). I can't waite to get back in the woods!:banana

10-04-2006, 10:42
I hiked from Addis Gap north to Deep Gap last week. I left my car at the campground because I was concerned about possible vandalism, but the lot at Deep Gap was full when I passed through. Some weekenders told me they've parked there before and never had any trouble. I was not charged any fees for parking. I left my vehicle in the backcountry lot near the campground.

The trail was hit with a bad thunderstorm with wind and hail last Thursday and there are a number of fresh blowdowns, especially between Blue Ridge Gap and Deep Gap. Nothing too serious, but a couple of them were too high and tangled to climb over and too low to go under with a pack. I had to take mine off a couple of times. Also, there's no evidence of swingblading in much of the trail north of Bly Gap so it was bad for people wearing shorts. I always wear long pants anyway and was especially glad I did this time. You'll be walking in significant greenbriar and nettle that droops into the trail so badly in places that you can't see the treadway. Fortunately it's getting too cool for snakes.

Water sources at shelters were OK north of Dicks Creek but everything was running low. I wouldn't count on all the sources being available.

Finally, I didn't find the Kimsey Creek Trail to be the easy stroll its often described as being. The upper section has a lot of sidehill creep making for tedious footing. It needs serious treadway reconstruction. The trail also PUD's steeply up the slopes above the creek and drops back down a few times. At one point the trail goes across a sloping rock ledge above the creek for 100 feet or so which was very slippery and could be dangerous in rain or ice. I lost the trail on two occasions, the first within the first mile where the trail joins an old spur road off Deep Gap road. The trail goes around a gate and then turns right off the road in about 200 feet but there's no blazes or sign. As the route is almost completely overgrown where it leaves the the road I walked back and forth past it three times before finding it. The second spot was within a mile or so of the campground where the trail enters an open field. The road it's been following continues straight ahead but the trail actually turns 90 degrees to the left in about 50 feet. There's a blaze beyond the turn but if I hadn't found it I would have continued straight ahead. This trail is blue blazed for its entire length, so if you go more than three or four minutes without seeing a blaze something is wrong.

Have a good trip! :sun


10-04-2006, 11:08
Yes, there is a parking lot for hikers at the Standing Indian Campground. No fees will be charged to park there. It's not actually "in" the campground, but near it. From the parking lot, the Kimsey Creek trail is a nice walk to Deep Gap. Have a good time!

10-04-2006, 13:14
Hiker 33 thanks for the report! I know the section of the Kimsey Creek trail you speak of. About 5 or 6 years ago we stayed in Standing Indian Campground and did some day hiking. We got off on the wrong trail at that exact section. Some Bear hunters looking for a lost dog put us back on track.

Thanks to all who have responded.

10-04-2006, 16:48
I got lost on the Kimsey Creek Trail at exactly the same point, and felt fortunate to be able to pick up the trail again after searching for several frustrating minutes.

10-04-2006, 19:04
I couldn't find the trail either after coming to that rd. I think I went left up the rd to a parking lot and finally picked it up again. No blazing at the rd though to tell you which way to go.

When I got down close to the campground and the trail was overlooking some trailers, I bushwhacked straight down the mtn to the campground. I was suffering from some serious lack of good food and had to get to Franklin.

I hated that trail. Maybe I was just tired but that rocky torn up horse trail with the ups and downs just didn't do anything for me.

10-04-2006, 21:01
We did the exact same thing! We were walking around for awhile and not really sure of where we were. We saw the campers down there, so here we went. We came out right next to family eating dinner. We must have looked beat becouse the man asked how long we had been out there. My brother-in-law looked at his watch and said, "about 8 hours". It was classic! I am sure the family was thinking we had been out for a few days!