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05-01-2003, 22:07
I just ordered my ULA P-2 Backpack from Brian Frankle. He said that he is currently running on a 10 week schedual. Has anyone here gotten a P-2 recently?Just wondering if they got their packs the same time his initial estimate said they would? Im leaving for a 2 week trip on July 14th, and he said that i should have it by then.


Rebel, with a Cause!
05-02-2003, 07:40
I received mine about a month ago and it was delivered exactly on the day he said it would. Yes 10 weeks is about right.

If Brian said by July 14th, then it will be there by then. Follow up at least two weeks before that date and call him to be sure.

05-02-2003, 08:22

Does yours have a hipbelt pouch? If so, do they get in the way of your arms? I've often wondered how much they stick out and if they would affect arm movements while using trekking poles.

05-02-2003, 11:19
I played around with a P2 at the Gathering, but do not own one. The hipbelt pouches are fairly flush with the belt. That is, they don't stick out. The P2 is a very impressive looking pack and I would bet would be a great choice for people who have not made a full transition to lightweight hiking or need, for some reason, to carry more weight (i.e, SLR setups, hauling gear for a spose or child, excessively long resupply's). I ordered a Zenith at the Gathering (mid October), but due to the winter holidays, I didn't get it until mid January. I did tell Brian that there was no rush, since I wouldn't be using the Zenith until March at least. I couldn't be happier with the Zenith and with ULA in general.

Rebel, with a Cause!
05-02-2003, 21:05
Yes my ULA-P2 has the Double HipBelt Pouches. They work great and dont interfer with my pole action at all.

My P2 also has the built in Rain Pack Cover, The OverKill Fabric, The front Mesh Pouch, Custom SOLID Ripstop Nylon side pouches, Internal Stash Pocket and Internal Hydration Pocket and my Name on the Back :)

So far it carries better than my custom GVP G4 i used on my 2002 Hike. The GVP G4 would slip down at the hipbelt after a few miles causing the pack to ride on my shoulders which wasnt cool at all.
Besides that problem the GVP G4 worked great.

The new ULA-P2 carries weight far better than the GVP and looks like it will be more durable. I love the full suspension and it still weighs only one pound more than the GVP G4 and the Z Rest ( including the weight of the OR rain cover).
The side hipbelt Pouches are great and i also love the built in Pack cover.

I will be doing further testing starting May 11th with a Hike of the Smokies section of the AT. 6 Days and 70 + miles. So i will know more later on. For now, this is my favorite pack and i own 2 Gregorys, the GVP G4 and the ULA-P2. My average pack weight with 3 days of food and 1.5 liters of water is 27 LBs including cool weather gear. The GVP G4 reached its weight limit around 25 LBs. The ULA should do far better carrying more weight.

I hope this helps.