View Full Version : Water sources Big Spring/Albert Mt./Carter Gap?

10-05-2006, 13:42
I'm planning a two day trip with a group next week, and we're wondering how the water sources are holding up after a dry summer and fall. Can anybody give us some info?


10-05-2006, 17:43
I hiked from Standing Indian Shelter to Big Spring Shelter last Thursday, 9-28. Can't say that I remember where the particular water sources were, but I didn't have any problem with water on that day. The only day of my hike that there wasn't water crossing the trail was on Monday 10-1 between The NOC and Brown Fork Gap Shelter.

Have a good hike.

Scorpion GA-ME 04

10-05-2006, 20:52
Probably the most reliable water source in this vicinity is just north of, I believe it is, Mooney Gap; where a large pipe passes under the trail and you just hold your container under the flow. Never seen that one dried up like the Big Spring shelter cistern...as always filter or treat.......

10-05-2006, 23:26
I was in the area last weekend. I don't know about Big Spring but Albert Mtn and Carter Gap both had sources readily available nearby, but plan to bring a filter or do a prefilter if using Iodine, most of the sources were too low to get a nalgene into.

Carter gap was definately good and located behind the old shelter a little ways. Next gap with water headed northbound was Betty Creek Gap and there was a little swampy type area on the right in a rhododendron grove that had a trickle to it, and I got water there (definately need a pump). On the southern side of Albert Mtn you can easily take the BearPen Trail a short ways (few hundred yards of easy hiking?) and get to a really nice flowing creek that would allow for bottles to be filled. I didn't go north of Albert so I can't tell you anything there. And if you happen to go up to Standing Indian there was water a little off the trail down a rocky path on the western side of the summit (trail turns off about 100 yards west of the top).

10-08-2006, 18:47
Thanks for the info, everybody. I'm chomping at the bit to get on the trail.