View Full Version : Veterans Day weekend GA

10-05-2006, 14:34
Hey all. I'm planning to do a section hike from Addis Gap south to Amicalola SP. We'll do this in about 4 days. I was just curious as what to expect whetherwise. I'm from florida so I am a bit sensitive to very cold weather, but I think i'll be okay this time of year, but I dont want to be unprepared of course. Anyways, Im not real get with dressing for cold weather, so I'm really asking for some help with my wardrobe. I have frogg toggs, and a pretty good wind breaker, im not sure if i'll need something else, let me know if I do. But I usually just wear shorts while hiking, i dont know if theyll be okay in November, if not what should I be looking for out my outfitter. I think so long as I keep my feet and head warm I'll be okay, but i know it can get pretty darn nippy up there. Thanks!

10-05-2006, 15:20
Really hard to judge that time of year because it can get really warm during the day and then be in the 30s at night. When you're hiking, shorts should be fine, or some thin pants. You probably need a top that can wick your sweat and still be warm in the shade. When you're not hiking, you'll be cold at night or any time you're not in the sun. You would need something other than a windbreaker and rain gear for that time unless you go straight to your sleeping bag.