View Full Version : Overall opinions on 2006's crop

10-07-2006, 11:46
attempted thru-hikers?

Did they behave well as a group in the trail towns?

Was hiking and a wilderness experience more important than hanging out in towns and being saturated with stimuli(TV, etc.) and partying?

10-07-2006, 11:55
LOL... a cyber insult.

Can't you have both? After a week on the trail what's wrong with a little partying?

You outta get out (hiking) more...

10-07-2006, 12:26
Hmmmm. a troll with a high post count.. interesting

10-07-2006, 13:13
Hmmmm. a troll with a high post count.. interesting

Actually lobster is one of our favorite trolls....see this thread.


10-07-2006, 13:13
Somebody melt some butter, its time to throw Lobster in the pot.....

10-07-2006, 13:29
When I finished my section, I got off in Buena Vista VA (off of US 60 i think) I was slightly behind the last of the thru-hikers, and the lady at the gas station accross from the budget inn (the blue one, i think its budget inn) Anyways, they said that every year the thru-hikers get snobier and snobier and ruder and ruder because 'thru-hikers feel that they are soo elite'. They hate it when hikers come in.


Frolicking Dinosaurs
10-07-2006, 13:30
Oh boy - lobster!