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05-02-2003, 13:06
Ive taken a look at the walmart grease pot that everyone is raving about, I got one question. On the inside lip the metal is curled down (rolled over) . I was wondering if this will eventually collect food and become a problem. I like to use my pot to drink out of (like at the end of a bowl of cereal, i aint got no time for the spoon) . is it possible to file the lip off? Thanks:-?

max patch
05-02-2003, 14:31
This has been discussed before; Rick Boudrie said it best in another thread on this site:

"When you are looking at the pot, think of what could make a home in the moist environment that is sure to exist under that lip, and then ask your self if there is any possiblity of ever evicting those creatures hovering abouve your food."

I certainly wouldn't use it.

05-02-2003, 16:16
yeah, right after posting this I came accross that posting. Still what about modifying it? The lip could be cut off then filed dull, probably would loose strength. Keep the lid on with rubber bands?