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09-14-2002, 12:42
I use a Design Salt silk mummy liner. It feels good. Its very light at [ 4.32 oz] and is supposed to add 9+ degrees warmth to my 2 pound 30F FF Wren. It was supposed to just keep the bag clean from my sweat but it does sleep well, sometimes using just it alone, amazingly enough!. Now I need to figure a way to install a drawstring at the bottom of the silk liner so I can get in both bags that way for hammock use!

Hammock Hanger
09-14-2002, 15:50
I use a silk liner as well in my hammock. I'm not sure what you mean by needing a draw string to get both bags in the hammock??? Hammock Hanger

09-15-2002, 07:16

I am only newly into hammocks[HH/Hennessey hammock]and when I received it, I discovered that my unconventional sleeping bag which I had was perfect for hammock use.

Tom Hennessey's instructions read to stand inside hammock, feet on ground. Turn. Step into your (conventional) sleeping bag, pull it up to your head, sit, draw legs inside knees to your chest, stretch out inside hammock, sleep.

With a conventional bag, you run the risk of getting it wet, muddy, dirty or whatever, depending on prevaling conditions when you stand in it. That bugs me a little.

I use a Feathered Friends Wren, 30F, 2# in large w/Epic fabric. It has slits for arm holes if I want to use the bag as a down parka, and it opens and closes at the foot with a drawstring, and has center zipper, where its easier to use.

Now, my procedure is easier(and slightly different) to get into the bag. I stand inside hammock(don't turn), and get into my Wren by pulling it over my head, leting bottom dangle at about my knees, then turn, sit, draw legs inside, while knees are already up to my chest, reach around pull drawstring at foot of bag closed and I am in it ready for sleep. No contortioning, foot of bag was not stepped on.

My colder bag, 20F Rock Wren, heavier, has a zipper all the way down to the foot and I can use it as a blanket but I want know till this winter if I'll use it in hammock.

Anyway, thats my thoughts on it for hammock use. It works. But the best about the bag is its versatility. I sleep in only underwear and every morning at 0300 or so I have to pee. We all know how difficult it is to get out of a warm, comfy, conventional sleeping bag to go out into the cold, snowy night to pee. I used to wait til the last minute. But with a Wren you dont. You stay inside your warm, comfy, unconventional bag. Put arms through arm holes, undo drawstring at foot, pull bag up a little, stand up while inside bag, walk outside, pull bag up to appropriate height, pee, reverse process, sleep again, without ever leaving your bag. Nifty. With a little imagination it would work for females too, just pull it up a little higher!

The liner gives me a margin of error if the temp goes lower that about freezing or so. Anyway, I have to figure a way to put a drawstring on its bottom, too, so as to use it with the Wren.

SGT Rock
09-15-2002, 10:58
I've often thought about trying a Wrock Wren II in a HH, but haven't ever had the chance to try it. I like the arm hole options.

Have you ever looked at that Nunatak bag that actually has sleeves. The supposed benifit (besides using it like a jacket if needed) is the sleeves can be pulled in and used as a collar. But the dang thing costs over $500.

09-15-2002, 11:22
My Wrens cost considerably less. Plus I seldom use it as a jacket other than going out to pee. I have used it with arms outside, through the zippered slits, while snug in the bag inside Silshelter cooking, reading, writing, waiting out the rain, etc. I have not tried the sleeved Nunatak but my opinion is I would not shell out more than 100 bucks for a convenience I dont miss now. It must be heavier than my long Wren, I guess. Anyway I have the Wren and really like it. The Rock Wren is the 20 degreeF version, a little heavier. I have it too. But mine weighs 3 1/2 pounds.

I called and complained and it seems they had an employee who became confused while stuffing the bags and i now have one of his/her mistakes with almost 1 1/2 pounds to much of 800+ prime down. FF corrected their mistake quickly, I'd imagine.They asked me to send it back and they would correct it, by taking the extra down out but i have been reluctant..all that free down. That bag must have a minus something degree F rating now but at 3 1/2 pounds I may never use it again if I have to carry it. I've no plans to visit the Arctic anymore!

SGT Rock
09-15-2002, 11:40
You lucky duck.

Hammock Hanger
09-15-2002, 15:47
YOu can cut off about an inch of the liner, fold either sew by machine or hand the hem. (There is also a NO SEW product you can get at any JoAnne Fabrics or fabric store that you iron instead of sew). Leave a small opening at one of the seam lines, insert a drawstring.

BTW: I love Tom but find that way to be a pain in the buttocks. I throw in my sleeping bag and liner, crawl in. Put my feet in the liner arch up a little and pull it up, repeat with sleeping bag. I dress in my hammock as well. I am secure in my guyed lines and am not afraid to bounce around. I have even used a "golden night bottle" when it was very cold out. Believe me you have to be unafraid to manuvere and move around to accomplish this as a female.

I tell folks that ask me questions regarding the hammock that it is like a canoe. At first you are always afraid you are going to tip or your lines aren't going to hold. As with a canoe the more you use it the more comfotable you will become and the fear and anxiety begins to fade. As with anything practice makes perfect. The more comfortable you are with the hammock before your trip the better.

Knots!!! Knots are NOT needed when hanging the hammock. Don't try and get fancy. YOu'll end up putting in a knot that will not come out and then you have to cut your line. A couple of wraps and a half hitch are all you need. Get up pull, stash in the bag. Or if you are lucky enough to have snake skins you slide the skins, pull and go.

I think I'm rambling, but all this trail talk has me missing the trail and my Hennessy Asym.