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05-03-2003, 18:19
I'm new to this site and posted the following message a few minutes ago, but probably not where I should have, so I'm re-posting it here. Still would appreciate any help I can get.

I'm planning to use an alcohol stove for the first time on my trip in June from Fontana Dam to Erwin, TN. I plan to hike to Mountain Momma's before first resupply. I was wondering how available is alcohol for my stove. Will I need to go into towns to find a WalMart, or will the establishments near the trail likely have it available (like Mountain Momma's). Would appreciate help knowing where/how to find it without having to travel long distances into town. Thanks.

05-04-2003, 17:59
I don't know about Mountain Momas, but you can get denatured at the outfitters in Hot Springs, about 35 miles past Davenport Gap. Depending on how fast you move, you might want to consider not going to Momas and simply pushing on to Hot Springs. Fontana to Hot Springs in 5.5 days is fairly doable. I don't think there is anywhere convenient to get alcohol between Hot Springs and Erwin.