View Full Version : Harpers Ferry to Duncannon starting this Saturday

Papa Bear
05-06-2003, 16:40
Hello folks

I'll be starting the AT section from Harpers Ferry north to Duncannon PA. starting this Saturday (May 10th). I hope to get started in the early afternoon and make it to the Ed Garvey shelter Saturday night.

Anyone else going to be in that neck of the woods in this timeframe? I've looked at some of the journals on Trailjournals.com and I'm betting the thru-hikers won't be that far north at this point. The front of the "pack" seems to be in southern Virginia (about 700 miles out of Springer).

Anyone hear of any speed demons who may be this far up by next week? If I see them they will be passing me fast!

Any "must see" places? I think I'll have to skip the Civil War stuff (Antietim, Gettysburg, etc.) this time around. I guess I mean "must see" mountain, views, etc. perhaps a few blue blazes away. I believe the ice cream place in Pine Grove State Park is only open weekends now, so I'll probably miss out on the "half gallon club".

Anyway, I'll have a trip report to post upon my return.


05-06-2003, 21:14

I came from the ATC meeting last night in Boiling Springs, So far 5 Northbounders have passed through and more are trickling in.

Views.. When you are in Maryland, you have to take the blue blaze side trail to Rocky High. The view is unbelievable.. it is worth the few extra steps. Not too far from there is the PennMar, Mason-Dixon line.. a good spot to rest at and take a spell.

Have a good trip, I am looking forward to your trip report. I am heading from Devil's Race Course to Harpers Ferry towards the end of June. I have hiked North from Devils Race Course to the Darlington Shelter. If you have any questions about that section of the trail I would be more than happy to answer them for you.

Good hiking!


05-08-2003, 04:48
I think I just hiked with a small portion of thru's Mon-Wed of this week from Bland to Pearisburg, had seen many more two weeks ago when finishing up Ga/NC