View Full Version : Hiking Near Harpers Ferry this weekend.

10-18-2006, 17:42
Hello all

Havent been on the trail in over a year. I am going this weekend and wanted to get any info i could on the area near harpers ferry. Weverton Primitive campsite still closed? How is the Ed Garvey Shelter? and where is the water source at the Ed Garvey Shelter. Any help ya'll can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Rob in MD

10-18-2006, 17:55

10-18-2006, 18:06
...... Weverton Primitive campsite still closed?

Not sure where that is..Is that the site right down on the Potomac River where the shelter used to be long long ago????..If it is I was just up there 2 weekends ago and saw people camped out there

10-18-2006, 18:12
yes, Weaverton primitive campsite is closed. The water source at Ed Garvey is way down the hill but path is well marked. There are 5 or 6 tent pads on paths on either side of the shelter for tenting. It is a nice shelter. Enjoy your trip