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Papa Bear
05-06-2003, 16:42
I'm doing a little (last minute) planning for my upcoming hike and it looks like Fayetteville PA would be an ideal maildrop site. It's just about midway between Harpers Ferry and Duncannon, and it's reasonable from the number of days of food I would need to carry.

1) Is it easy to hitch on highway US 30 to Fayetteville and back to the trail?

2) Any good breakfast places in town? One idea is I'll be at Rocky Mountain Shelter the night before which is 3 easy downhill miles to get to US 30. I'd pack up early, go into town for breakfast, pick up my mail drop, and move on. Doable?


Shoe Leather Express
05-17-2003, 22:45
Check with one of our forum members, Sparky. He lives near or in Fayetteville.

Click here for Sparky's profile and contact info. (http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/member.php?s=&action=getinfo&userid=593)

05-18-2003, 16:11
PB, I would say the perfect place between there for a mail drop is at the Pine Grove State Park at the Iron Masters Hostel. If you can swing it. I never used Fayetteville but from the people I have met on the trail say it is a good do-able stop. They never mentioned anything about a place to eat though.. strange for thruhikers! LOL

05-18-2003, 22:43
I went into Fayettville to wash cloths. It was pretty easy to get into town. ( of corse I was thumbing with wildflower) Not a lot there. A service station a Pizza joint(pretty cheap) a laundry and some other stuff. We caught a ride back from two drunk rowdys in a pickup. Be careful. Also its a dry town.

05-26-2003, 03:47
i currently live about 5 miles from fayetteville. anyone needing a ride to or from the trail can give me a buzz at 717 762-1073. need to call before 2pm on the weekdays and anytime on the weekends. it is not a dry town. on route 30 theres a distributor bout half a mile from sunoco gas station. all pennsylvania towns may seem dry because they have the weirdest and most controlling liquor laws of any state ive seen. forgot to mention that i live in mont alto about 2 miles from where the trail crosses pa route 233 the first time going south to north. if you have a drop in mont alto you can also give me a buzz or knock on the door if you need help. i live about 2 blocks from the p.o. at 208 park st. up the stairs first room on the right. theres no door numbers where i live. lol

05-26-2003, 20:19
You got that right on the liquior laws in PA. I have never seen such control... It is something that I just shake my head at and can not see the reasoning behind it. Silly but it is true.. If you want a beer in PA you have to go to a state run beer and wine store and buy a case, if you want something smaller you have to go to a bar or and eatery and get a six pack.. I am not kidding either! If you want hard liquior, well that is sold in another store and not in the same store as beer and wine.