View Full Version : Essential Gear for my hiking partners

05-07-2003, 21:40
Check this out. Now I can get carried up those long hills.


Hammock Hanger
05-07-2003, 22:46
sweetie!! HH

05-08-2003, 00:24

I went ahead and ordered one of these for you. It will be waiting for you at Shaws.

Now you won't have to wait for me at the top of the hill, I'll be right there with ya.:D

05-08-2003, 08:08
Wow, I'd love to buy a hiking-partner one of these :D

Just fake a twisted ankle, work up tears, and get ready to run when the truth comes out :)

P.S.> I wonder if they have a cup-holder option, or vibrating cushion :p

05-08-2003, 20:13
You people are too funny!

05-15-2003, 16:48
Hey! How come this system isn't available at EMS or Campmor? For those who like to carry lots of stuff it sounds like a great alternative to a fancy backpack. Heck, my wife could even carry all the stuff and I could lead the way, (Well, if I was married that is).