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10-24-2006, 17:28
Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont News Release

Immediate Release [email protected]
Date: October 23, 2006 865/448-6709

November 11, Tremont Opens Volunteer Day!

Tremont Volunteer Workday November 11, 9AM - 4:00PM

Sam Crowe, our facilities manager says "All able bodied people from 8 to 80 are welcome to work at Tremont. There are numerous projects everyone can participate in such as, trail maintenance, painting, exotic species removal, limb trimming, native flowerbed maintenance, dead snag removal, drainage ditch maintenance, window cleaning, housekeeping in the dorm & activity center, and we could use some skilled carpenters & roofers too.

As of October 16 if you drove into Tremont you would think things are pretty and normal with the fall colors splashing through the trees. However, over night the park had a transformation when a front blew through from the southwest. Most roads in the park were blocked by fallen trees and debris. The average wind gusts were 90mph with a gust clocked at 106mph! "Many hard wood trees were just uprooted by the root ball" Teacher Naturalist Michael Matzko exclaimed.

Spruce Flats Falls trail, a trail used and maintained by Tremont, was heavily impacted to the fallen trees. "One of the items that attract people to this area is the Spruce Flats hike," said Kent Jones, Marketing Assistant, "It will take a lot of effort to get the debris out of the way. Although we will begin working on it immediately there will still be enough work for volunteers *on volunteer workday to help Tremont areas get back in shape." Many, many trails and roads were affected on the Tennessee side as park officials shut down roads.

Tremont Volunteer Work Day is a day when Tremont Friends and park friends come together to enjoy the company of hard working adults and children. All are welcome! Individuals, families, church organizations, scout clubs, and civic groups, there is something that everyone can do. Sam Crowe, facilities manager, will have a rally session in the morning and then the projects will be given out to groups. At noon there will be a lunch provided. If you or your group would like to come and be a part of this special work day please call 865-448-6709, talk to the registrar to let her know you would like to register. It's free. Registering lets us know how many to count on for lunch.

Thank you for being a volunteer and a Tremont friend!