View Full Version : So I did my first ever AT section hike this weekend!

10-24-2006, 20:07
So, I finally got on the trial, and it was awesome. I've mostly been a day hiker / car camper my whole life but this weekend it all changed. Me and my friend Matt started out at the DWG gap on friday mourning with some light rain. The first couple of miles were all uphill and killed me. We ate some lunch at sunfish pond, which was really nice. We got to the Catfish firetower right before the sun started going down, and we set up camp, and ate some dinner. We met a guy up there who i think was bird watching, and he told us we should go to the top of the tower. All i can say was it was windy as hell up there, i had to hold onto the sides, just so i wouldnt fall down! Woke up the next mourning and heading to the blairstown road parking lot to meet up with my friend AJ. Ate breakfast there, and meet some familys who were doing a day hike. The rest of the day was great, perfect weather, awesome people, and great views. Got lost around crater lake, because we didnt know the trial goes up the side of a cliff! Got to the brink road shelter around 6, and ate dinner. Went to sleep kinda early, and in the middle of the nice i heard what sounded like a wolf / coyote, it was kinda scary. We woke up the next day, and finished are hike at culvers gap.

The best part was that the Orionid meteor shower peaked this weekend, so i saw about 20 shooting stars the weekend!

also I would like to thank everyone here for giving me great information, and helping me up a lot. thanks WB!

10-24-2006, 20:13
Sounds like you had an amazing time! I've recommended hiking New jersey to people who want a taste of what a thruhike is like, and then they scoff at me. Scoff! Scoff!

Glad you're out o' the car and on the trail. Here's to many more wonderful hikes in your future.

10-24-2006, 20:17
thanks! I forgot to mention the worst part.


oh my, did those little rocks kill my feet.

10-24-2006, 21:22
Good for you, Matt. Glad you had a great time. Keep at it! I saw a meteor from my hammock in the back yard. Not the same, but nice anyway.

Red Hat
10-28-2006, 18:19
Uh oh, Matt - now you are addicted for life! Welcome to the club.

10-28-2006, 18:55
I forgot to mention the worst part.


oh my, did those little rocks kill my feet.

Earth scientists refer to the surface of the earth as the lithosphere. Doesn't that means rocks?:-? :eek: There are weathered rocks and organic matter some places. That's the part some folks call soil and others just call dirt. Some places are covered by water. This is what the A.T. traverses?

Some expect a yellow-brick road or at least graded trail covered with pea gravel. Now what fun would that be!;) :)

Hope you'll be back for many more hikes on the A.T. and enjoy each hike more than the one before.

10-28-2006, 20:39
You think the rocks are bad on jersey side of river,try from dwg to little gap. rock hopping. love it:welcome