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05-09-2003, 16:57
Im starting this forum because I started a little discussion in another forum that didnt really have anything to do with the original post.:-? Im planning on hitting every roller coaster I can along the trail. Their are 4 amusement parks withen reasonable distance from the trail. There is also Six Flags Atlanta, I plan on leaving in March and SF wont be open. Can you tell im a roller coaster freak? thus my nickname. Anyone else interested in this scenerio?

05-09-2003, 20:54
Home to a classic wooden roller coaster the Cyclone, the German all-steel Wildcat coaster, and a special steel coaster for the kids.

About 10 miles from Boiling Springs. See http://www.williamsgrovepark.com

Was there too many years ago to talk about. Never read a journal that mentioned going there. Looks like a good zero day sidetrip.

05-09-2003, 22:24
Coaster....my mom works at DollyWood so's can get you in anytime. I'm also a COSTER freak. If-n you get to TN or want to meet I SOOOOOOO want to do the coasters at Cedar Point....or Kings Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banana :banana :banana The wilder the better...........................
Course this has a LOT to do with the AT! ~snicker~

05-10-2003, 17:52
Yeah, Skyking! Right on! I had the oppurtunity to stop at Ceder Point on my drive accross the country 3 years ago. They had just opened Mellenium Force, still ranked #1. I love Ceder Point. Just moved back to New England and my old park, Riverside< is now a Six Flags with 6 new coasters. If I could get out of the woods on my day off... I will definatly take you up on meeting in TN. Im definatly doing the coaster quest/AT, great 0 days for sure! Skyking, r u a member of A.C.E. ?

05-11-2003, 10:17
A.C.E.?? Guess I have to confess my HillBilly ignorance..not sure what that is. :( Maybe American Coaster......something??
Being your planning a March departure I assume your Thru will be in '04? (I'm shooting for March '05) If so PLEASE keep me poasted as to the coasters you hit along the way!
Cedar Point.......read an artical in a local paper last summer about it. Gonna try and take a road trip there this summer. Wonder what would be the best time..weekend/weekday?

05-11-2003, 13:50
a.c.e.- american coaster enthuisest. I always try to visit any amusement park during the week, less lines! I am planning a 04 hike, and will indeed let you know how the coaster thing goes. I wonder If I could get the amusement parks to come pick me up from the trail as some publicity stunt? I shall have to call them!