View Full Version : Newfound Gap to Hot Springs

10-28-2006, 14:19
Heading to Hot Springs from Newfound Gap a week from Monday (November 6). Any comments about this section? Highlights... Lowlights... I'm glad it's warmed up a bit. LeConte reported 14 lo and 18 hi for last Monday :eek: - yeesh!

Lone Wolf
10-28-2006, 14:22
It's all good especially the northern Smoky's which you're starting in.

Jack Tarlin
10-28-2006, 14:22
It's a great stretch, tho you may well run into some weather in the Park. Happily, you shouldn't have much a problem with space in shelters!!

As far as highlights, I hope you visit Standing Bear Farm near Davenport Gap, and also that you get good weather on top of Max Patch, one of the prettiest
places on the Trail. Have a great trip!

10-29-2006, 21:28
Do not, I repeat, do not by-pass the side trail to Mt. Cammerar.

Just a Hiker
10-29-2006, 21:34
Hey there, I am flipping a SOBO hike and I am at Standing Bear Farm right now. The park is in great shape and the weather has improved alot in the past few days. It was cold and snowy for a couple of days in the park, but the weather is great now and forecast around here is good. Have a great hike.

10-29-2006, 21:44
I think you will really like this section. Great views, good cool weather and not to crowded at the shelters (you may be the only one at some). You might want to wear some form of blaze orange once you are out of the Smokies headed for Hot Springs (Boar & Bear season).

Have a great hike !!!
Happy Trails !
Chip :)