View Full Version : Grand Monadnock, NH

05-10-2003, 17:16
Just took a quick run up to show my dad where to pick me up after my thru of the M&M. All the snow is gone, and the bare rocky top looks great! I was tempted to do a quick hike today, but my dad has a bum-knee and would have to wait in the car (I'm not that evil :D).

Only 6 days to go! I can't wait! Friday morning is too far away!

05-10-2003, 17:40
I love monadnock, ive been up to the top 3 times this year already, sort of training. My favorite ascent is white cross, which I think is the M&M approach. Good luck on the hike. I hope these freaken gnats dont drive you too loco!

Tramper Al
05-10-2003, 21:36
I believe the M & M ascends Monadnock via the Royce and White Arrow trails (but on the East side there are White Dot and White Cross trails as well). But what color are the blazes?? Either way, you've got to love Monadnock, in any season.

05-11-2003, 13:53
oops, I meant white arrow. I love the little clearing where the half-way house used to be, great place for a picnic on the way up!