View Full Version : Hi-Yak: Another Dam Festival

Max Power
11-01-2006, 16:31
After talking with many hikers I have convinced the bosses to put on a Festival at Fontana Dam/Village. April 12 - 17 is the tentative date. The first two days will be trail maintenance with the Smoky Mountain Hiking Club. The next two are the heart of the festival. The last two days are more trail maintenance.
The festival name is in the subject line. We are doing Hiking and Kayaking since the Cheoah River (brand new ridable class iv-v river) is releasing only a few miles away that weekend. It should be a great event, I will keep Whiteblaze posted.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
11-01-2006, 16:44
Another Dam Festive - love the name. Fontana is pretty close to us so we just might attend.

11-01-2006, 19:37
Thanks for the info. We'll be there if at all possible. Heading up there this Friday to head to Hot Springs...

Max Power
11-03-2006, 11:59
Thanks. Stop by and see me at the outfitter is you get a chance.

Max Power
01-24-2007, 14:38
A tentative schedule has been posted:

Tha Wookie
01-24-2007, 14:41
that's a tough dam weekend for me. It is in my neck of the woods.... would love to rafting if it's not too cold:eek: